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April 18:
Material colours now load nicely.. I am also extracting the material's "shininess" property, but OpenGL's giving me some weirdness when I set the GL_SHININIESS material property.. huh, well I'll keep working on it (after my next exam)..
April 17:
Although no one uses it much anymore, my texture loader can now load PCX files (as well as BMPs). Let the world rejoice!
April 16:
Quickly integrated my cel-shading and my 3DS model loading.. the classes need some restructuring in order for them to play nicely together, but I just wanted to see the full effect (and don't worry, I WILL go back and clean up the mess I made). Anyhow, here's some pictures and movies for your enjoyment:

The models were downloaded from http://www.baument.com/. The movies were made with SnagIt (which is some really good software I might add).
April 15:
After some nutso debugging, I can now "stripify" my models for faster rendering.. I didn't really follow any tried and true algorithm, but instead made one up.. which turns out to be a common "easy" way of stripifying models. For a better algorithm check out STRIPE.
Here are some pictures of a betta, both as individual triangles and after being stripified:

April 13:
Loaded textures for the 3DS models.. much prettier now!
April 12:
Created a basic 3DS loader. Much thanks to www.gametutorials for their tutorial on loading 3DS files!
April 10:
I stayed up late and created a demo of simple cel-shaded spheres.

This idea started to intrigue me after reading this tutorial on the topic.
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