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September 30, 2004:
Ok, here's the first official release: Pre-Alpha 1 [ed. Temporarily took the release offline]. Now with amazing explosions!
The contols still need a bunch of work, but here's the basics:
Camera Movement:
arrow keys move the camera around
shift+arrow up/down zoom in/out
Tank Movement:
i,k,j,l move the tank forwards, backwards, rotate left, rotate right
shift+i/k change the turret angle up/down
shift+j/l change the firing power less/more
~ brings up/removes the console
type "help" into the console to see the available commands (there's nothing too interesting left in the release version)
Pause Menu:
ESC brings up the pause menu
That's about it I guess. In the main menu you can choose the number of players, types of players (computer, human) and their names. A game requires at least one human player. Also the computer "AI" (if it can be called that yet) is currently: turn towards a human player, shoot the current weapon without adjusting the power. So no complaints about how bad it is -- you've been warned!
Up next on my "to do" list is improving the camera system and probably adding at least one new weapon... until then, enjoy!
September 29, 2004:
Whee! After years of sporadic work BFA is almost ready for it's first public release! NOTE: this does not in any way intimate that the game is almost complete, merely that I feel it's at a state that I won't be completely embarrassed to have other people look at.
Here are some old pictures to look at (because everyone likes pictures!):
main menu tanks on landscape overlayed options menu shooting a cleaver the console, profiler and debugging info
I've been working on and off (mostly off) on this game for a few years. It started off as a group project with a bunch of friends, but due to a lack of participation I've rewritten everything in it to be completely mine.
While it may not be the most visually appealling game I am quite pleased with the design of the underlying systems (physics, graphics, event system, input, etc). In my latest spurt of coding I've added a data-driven particle engine.. the current feature list includes:
  • Data-driven particle system
  • Data-driven weapon system
  • Support for 3DS models
  • Support for TGA, PCX and BMP textures
  • Animated textures
  • User-configurable key-mappings
  • In-game console (a la Quake)
Why the limited supply of textures/models/etc? Because I wanted to code almost everything myself. Things in use that I haven't coded are:
  • GLF (font rendering library)
  • OpenAL
  • Simple Directmedia Library
  • OpenGL (I guess I'll throw this in here)
  • All models, textures and sounds were found on the net -- thanks to everyone who makes their work publically available!!

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