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Project WOAL and EBTB

April 17, 2009
Well WOAL just had a hiccup -- I broke my ankle a few weeks ago! Guess I'll focus on EBTB and do what I can for WOAL.. totally sucks as I was at the top of my climbing game (yet ironically I broke it bouldering).

March 10, 2009
Wow, long time since my last update! Went running randomly a few weeks ago and it went surprisingly well! Managed 8 miles at 8:45 min/mile! Very happy with that since I haven't been running at all lately. Still climbing.. and been snowboarding a bunch.. also went snowshoeing last weekend. So staying pretty active lately.
Things have been going well on the EBTB front too! Doing well with my reduced meat intake; maybe once meal every 2 or 3 days. I've been inspired by a co-worker to increase the fruit in my diet so I've been eating two clementines for my afternoon snack at work... and buying more fruit for desserts too. Yum yum!

November 13, 2008
Turns out that I have a _really_ hard time motivating myself without an upcoming race. D'oh! But at least I haven't (yet) gained any weight back... only went running like once... still climbing though.

October 14, 2008
So I didn't end up doing that last 12-mile run I was hoping to.. a combination of excessive drinking and lack of sleep that weekend ruined that plan... I did drag myself out for a decent bike ride, so I didn't feel completely lazy though. Anyhow, the race was last weekend and went really well! Finished with a time of 1:56:41 (a pace of 8:54 min/mi)!! So I'm happy that I've achieved my sub-2-hour goal!
In other news, I was one move away from onsighting an 11c in the gym last night. And my weight is down to 152lbs. Wheeee... Now to see if I can keep up the aerobic training without an upcoming race to pressure me..

September 21, 2008
Did my 10-mile run yesterday... unfortunately my watch reset itself halfway through the run, but I'm pretty sure I still pulled off a 9 min/mile pace! w00t. Now to hope that the race-day adrenaline can carry me the last three miles! Maybe I'll do 12 miles next weekend.. I guess I should... "cry in the dojo, laugh on the battlefield" as they say!

September 19, 2008
Have been doing some more treadmill work and can pace myself better now. Did a nice 8-mile run last weekend at Sawyer Camp Trail averaging about 8:52 min/mile.. in order to get a sub-2-hour half I need to maintain <9:09 which I think I'll be able to do. Hoping to do 10 miles this weekend and some unspecified amount the weekend afterwards. Assuming those both go well I'll be in good shape (both literally and figuratively)!
Haven't weighed myself for a couple weeks now, but as of the last time I was down around 153. Pretty happy with that! AND I think it's improved my climbing a bit (less weight to haul up the wall) as I flashed a V4 the other day. Sweet!

August 13, 2008
The half-marathon went.. alright. Finished in 2 hours 11 minutes, which is my worst time so far, yet given my poor shape going into it I'm not overly disappointed. Signed up for another half in Octorber which, this time, I'm really hoping I can get a sub-2-hour time in. Just gotta keep up the training...
Speaking of which, I've been averaging somewhere about 4 work-outs a week lately.. not my ideal (I'm more happy with 5 or 6), but not horrible either. Trying to pick up the pace on my running, but find I have a hard time pacing myself outdoors. Probably need to do some more treadmill work to get the pace down.

June 10, 2008
Due to a trip back home (and some plane shinanigans on the way back) I ended up missing about 3 days of working out in the last week. My first signifcant adsences since starting! However now's not the time to slack off as I just signed up for another half-marathon on August 3rd. Time to start running again!

May 20, 2008
One of the things that inspired me to start working out more was this quote I saw in Climbing magazine:
Imagine a rectangular box with a divider in the middle. Think of this box as containing [all] pain and suffering in your life. The divider separates two types of pain: on the left is the suffering associated with training, hard work, sacrifice, etc.; on the right is the pain and frustration associated with failure and sucking. The only way to reduce one sort of pain is by trading for the other... (Bill Ramsey)
Was really tired after climbing this past weekend, but still made it out to the gym Monday morning... however I today I accidently slept in until 10am, so no time for working out this morning. But I figure it evens out with all the extra exercise on the weekend.

May 15, 2008
It's been over a month and I'm still at it! Woo hoo!
WOAL is still going strong, while EBTB has gotten only marginal recognition. I think I've lost a pound or two, but it's kinda hard to tell since I only weigh myself sporadically. However I have noticed my climbing has started getting better again, moving back into the upper 11s. :D

Sometime around April 5, 2008
Came to the unhappy realization that I was much more out of shape than I preferred and that I needed to do something about it! Thus I came up with two new projects for myself:
WOAL (Work Out A Lot)
This would entail working out 6 times a week. The schedule goes something like:
-boulder in the morning for ~30 minutes
-climb at night for 2-3 hours
-aerobic exercise in the morning for ~30 minutes
-day off (I have a company meeting in the morning) Thurs:
-boulder in the morning for ~30 minutes
-climb at night for 2-3 hours
-aerobic exercise in the morning for ~30 minutes
EBTB (Eat Better Than Before)
Not that I ate too horribly before, but my eating habits could always use some improvement. Nothing too strict in terms of rules, just a general "eat better" sentement.
Started these projects the Monday after I came up with them, now to see how long they last...
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