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December 26, 2018: Merry (Belated) Christmas!
Happy Boxing Day!
Had a fun holiday with the family -- kids are old enough now to get excited and leave out cookies for Santa (yum!). Spent some time with the in-laws, and we are headed up to Canada in the new year. We got our first cut tree this year (the last two years we tried the "live tree in a pot" thing, but they don't seem to quite make it to the year after), and I'm unexpectedly excited about it. Especially now that I also got a wifi plug and can ask Alexa to turn the Christmas tree lights on and off for me.
Preemptively wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

November 3, 2018: Had a couple fun birthdays recently! Ryan had a very busy popcorn/carnival themed birthday party (complete with carnival games and prizes)... and Charlene had a confetti themed party!
In not as great news, both Ryan and I visited the ER rooms last month! I dislocated my shoulder while climbing in LA (an interesting time comparing the shoulder resetting experience to what I'd learned in my WFR course). Then the week after Ryan fell down the stairs ("I was having fun until the end") and broke his clavicle. We were sling buddies for a bit, but now he's already all done with it -- tomorrow will be a sling-free day!
Busy with work as usual, heading back to Houston next week for more NASA testing!

August 2, 2018: Snow day!! The internet at work is down, so I can't do my (copious amounts of) work! Wheeee...
Sorry about the infrequent posts... but still doing better than I did last year! Let's see, we went back to Canada and were actually there over Canada Day (something I have missed for many many years)! We also had a little slightly-early party for Marshall's second birthday. It was great to see everyone who braved the heatwave to come hang out. The trip itself was a big success with lots of museums, so many drawings, family time, and even no puking on the plane rides!
Work's been super busy as we get ready to launch Crew Dragon. It's also exciting, but I do hope it ramps down shortly. :P On that note I went out to Houston for some testing with NASA and got to see the Neutral Buoyancy Lab -- it's a massive pool that contains replica of the International Space Station for astronauts to train on. Very cool!
The fam has also been accompanying me on a few work trips to LA. Legoland is a huge hit, as are the beach & aquarium. Last time we even went strawberry picking at a Hello Kitty themed farm.

May 17, 2018: Happy Birthday to me!!

January 6, 2018: Whoops, looks like I missed all of 2017! :P
Obviously lots of things have happened, but for which this margin is too small to contain... some highlights are:
  • Ryan turned 3, started preschool, is potty-trained
  • Marshall turned 1, can walk, babbles a lot
  • bought a new-to-us Honda CR-V
The past holidays were fun. Didn't make it up to Canada, but out to Hawaii instead! Both kids have a 50% chance of puking on planes, but were all good once there! Great weather, fed the fish in the koi pond, swam in the pool and ocean, hiked Diamond Head, saw the new Star Wars, and ate a lot of good food.
Still finalizing this year's new year resolutions, but did pretty well on last year's:
  • ✅ Read 6 books
  • ✅ Donate XXXX dollars to worthy causes
  • ✅ Climb 2x/month
  • ❌ Get an Adroit Tools customer
My Adroit Tools product made significant headway and (mostly) works, just didn't do much outreach into trying to acquire a friendly initial customer. If you happen to need some automated Android app testing software, email me!

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