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May 17, 2018: Happy Birthday to me!!

January 6, 2018: Whoops, looks like I missed all of 2017! :P
Obviously lots of things have happened, but for which this margin is too small to contain... some highlights are:
  • Ryan turned 3, started preschool, is potty-trained
  • Marshall turned 1, can walk, babbles a lot
  • bought a new-to-us Honda CR-V
The past holidays were fun. Didn't make it up to Canada, but out to Hawaii instead! Both kids have a 50% chance of puking on planes, but were all good once there! Great weather, fed the fish in the koi pond, swam in the pool and ocean, hiked Diamond Head, saw the new Star Wars, and ate a lot of good food.
Still finalizing this year's new year resolutions, but did pretty well on last year's:
  • ✅ Read 6 books
  • ✅ Donate XXXX dollars to worthy causes
  • ✅ Climb 2x/month
  • ❌ Get an Adroit Tools customer
My Adroit Tools product made significant headway and (mostly) works, just didn't do much outreach into trying to acquire a friendly initial customer. If you happen to need some automated Android app testing software, email me!

August 1, 2016: WOW! What a crazy four weeks of being a "fourmily" ("four" + "family")! Had a quickly scheduled c-section, and good thing too -- he came out as a giant 9 lbs 7 oz!! Here's to Marshall Xavier Betts-Ng! We've already had lots of fun adventures (and not-fun adventures like getting sick)... and all too soon I'm back at work tomorrow...

July 3, 2016: Today's the day! Well, today's supposed to be the day! It's yet-to-be-named Baby #2's due date! That being said, I think he'll be a bit late.. time to enjoy being a family of three for a little bit longer, especially now that I'm off work already! Yay.
Found a bird stuck in the patio stairs yesterday, and luckily a birder friend was over visiting and was able to safely rescue the little woodpecker. Happy coincidences!
Hope everyone had a great Canada Day and/or is prepping for a great July 4th (depending on where you live)!

May 14, 2016: It's been one week since we moved into our new house!! The whole process was uber-stressful, but we made it and are slowly unpacking enough stuff that we can do normal things without having to dig through boxes all the time... Didn't really help that I had to go down to LA for work 2 days after we moved in, but Char made it through!
Other than that, we've been to a couple baby showers -- one of which was ours!! That's right, we've having another boy! This was also the impetus for moving to a house, more room for the kiddos and we wanted to get moved in before Number Two (not his real name).
Went with the whole family down to the last Planet Granite climbing comp. Super fun to get out and climb again.
In work news, we landed two more rockets on autonomous drone ships! That makes 3 total (one by land, two by sea), with hopefully lots more to come.

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