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February 14, 2015: ♥ Happy Valentine's Day! ♥
So far it's only 15 minutes into V-Day and I'm about to go to bed, but wanted to send this out before I got distracted!
It's been a crazy 5 weeks or so since my last update... the major points being that I quit my job, am taking off the month of February to be a stay-at-home dad, and then starting a new job in March! So far the first week of full-time Ryan duty has been super fun! We've gone on hikes, played piano, done tummy time, he's puked on me a bunch...
It's also been fun because Marc is off this week and we've hung out a couple times. Just like the old days!

January 5, 2015: Happy Belated Holidays!
Happy Belated New Years!
Was planning on doing a New Year's post, but there were some issues with my web page... but it's back now! Let me know if you notice it not working in the future...
Spent the holidays in California this year, looks like Baby Boulder will have to wait until sometime in 2015 to visit Canada. Here's a quick recap of 2014:
  • visited the last of seven continents (Antarctica)
  • saw the Eiffel Tower (among other Parisian sights)
  • had some family members get sick
  • had some family members get better
  • feeling like I grew a lot at work
  • at the top of my climbing game (5.12a & V6)
  • had a baby! Ryan Boulder has been an amazing/exhausting experience
Also wanted to take this opportunity to announce my New Year's Resolutions (to help me stick to them):
  • [physical] do 25 chin-ups
  • [professional] start a side business
  • [personal] be nicer in general (gotta keep up my Canadian roots)
Wishing everyone an amazing 2015!

November 9, 2014: Sorry for the lack of updates but it turns out having a kid makes you quite busy! Anyhow, lots of going ons:
  • Took 2 weeks of initial paternity leave, most of which is a blur of crying, sleeping, and dirty diapers
  • Mom & Nic came to visit me (Ryan actually) which was fun. Did a bunch of outings with them!
  • Work has been busy with bugs and meeting external partners. Working on a fun project now though, and learning the JavaFX UI framework to boot
  • Halloween was pretty low key, but took Ryan out to pose with some pumpkins (in his pumpkin costume)
  • Ryan can track us with his eyes, and just recently started doing "social smiles" -- so fun!
  • Got my first onsight of a 5.12a at the gym! :D
Yup. Catch ya on the flip side!

September 19, 2014: HE'S HERE! I'd like to formally introduce baby Ryan Boulder Betts-Ng!! He arrived a bit earlier than expected, but that's ok -- now we have more time to hang out together! After spending 4 days in the hospital we finally headed home a couple days ago and have been figuring out this "parenting" thing since...

August 18, 2014: Finally got around to practicing my aid climbing which I learned last year. Found a nice crack under an overpass near my house and have been out there a couple times so far. Already feel much better on it!
Got to see the legendary Yo-Yo Ma play at the Greek theatre last week. So good, and he's pretty funny too!
In other news, just working a bunch and preparing for the baby (only 6 more weeks!!). Also trying to finish up my OUYA-exclusive "Battle Sudoku" game in my limited spare time.

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