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February 25, 2016:
Q. Why couldn't the lightning rod go play with his friends?
A. Because he was grounded!

Yeah, I made that up all on my own!!

February 17, 2016: Happy Birthday Jasper!!
Also to catch up on other missed events since my last post: Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Happy Lunar New Year! Happy Valentine's Day!

What else is new? As a parent I'll just talk about my kid:
  • got a new car set (with 2 cupholders -- this brings my car's total up to 12!)
  • cut Ryan's hair (only missed a few spots)
  • he's running around a lot now
  • he made his first snow angel
  • did great at his first dentist appointment
In other news:
  • landed a rocket
  • went to Oahu -- super fun, even though I was sick for almost all of it (and couldn't dive)
  • went to Ontario -- only hung out with family, but it was great to see them
  • had a fun & relaxing Valentine's Day
Ok, gotta go back to work now!

December 3, 2015: HOLY NO UPDATES!!!! Needless to say, lots has happened:
  • Ryan turned 1 and we had a fantabulous camping themed party (with homemade tents and everything)
  • Char had a fun birthday
  • My mom came to visit
  • Ryan puked all over me and the backseat of the car
I also finished all my New Year's Resolutions! The professional one isn't completely done yet, but the app in making good progress and I just sent off the paperwork for creating the company... whee!
Maybe I'll even sneak in a few more updates before the end of the year (no promises though...)

May 14, 2015:
"Happiness is the first derivative of success"
An interesting comment that came up the other day. I think there's something to that... in order to avoid that trap, be sure to remember all that you already have every day!
Ryan's 8-months old now and continues to be super cute, even when making disgusted faces when he eats food he doesn't like (e.g. green beans).
Had a couple fancy brunches for Easter and Mother's Day... Ryan and I took Char out for her very first Mother's Day dinner! Finally went to the Conservatory of Flowers and really liked it! Climbed in another PG Climbing Comp and did better than I expected for not having climbed much recently, fun as always! Did a 5k walk against Brain Tumours, then got free comics for Free Comic Book Day. Saw Andy Weir talk about his book... Finally applied for TSA PreCheck now that I'm flying regularly, should get it any day now! Throw in random lunches/dinners with friends and that about sums up my last month!
OH! I did, just this week, achieve one of my New Year's Resolutions: do 25 chin-ups I'm also doing well on my other two resolutions, but it's too early to call them "complete".

April 2, 2015: Yes, only a single month since my last update! How much could have happened in that short amount of time?? Well, I finished my full-time babysitting job, started my new job making rockets, went to LA twice for training (I'm here now), got sick, had dinner with a few friends, had a friend give me a private boat tour of the marina (I even got to steer the boat!), and finally started reading a great book that a friend gave me!
In other news, Ryan continues to get bigger and bigger! He's about 40th-percentile now (which is good cause he was super low before), he can sit unaided for short amounts of time, can stand for a bit if you hold his hands, and continues to be amazeballs cute (in my unbiased opinion).
Hope everyone's having a good time and didn't get fooled by too many fake internet stories yesterday...

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