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August 18, 2014: Finally got around to practicing my aid climbing which I learned last year. Found a nice crack under an overpass near my house and have been out there a couple times so far. Already feel much better on it!
Got to see the legendary Yo-Yo Ma play at the Greek theatre last week. So good, and he's pretty funny too!
In other news, just working a bunch and preparing for the baby (only 6 more weeks!!). Also trying to finish up my OUYA-exclusive "Battle Sudoku" game in my limited spare time.

August 5, 2014: Finally put up some new pictures! This time it's from our trip to Paris. Paris was super fun -- we went with a few friends and booked a cool AirBnB place with a rooftop terrace that gave a 360 view over the city. We got 6-day museum passes and made good use of them. Also ate a ton of delicious food (who knew French butter could be so good??). Those eager and observant readers will have already clicked on that link and noticed what the title of the album is. (go look now if you haven't already)
That's right -- we're expecting! Baby's due at the end of next month and we just had a super fun baby shower this past weekend!! Thanks to everyone who helped organize it. Not only did this baby shower include beer, archery, and throwing knives, but tons of good food, presents, friends, and fun games.
Unexpectedly Ryan also came down for it! He managed to find a super good deal on a flight and came to visit. We made the most of his time here by avoiding sleep and doing lots of fun things -- being tourists in SF, buying all kinds of horchata, rock climbing in Yosemite, and playing OUYA.

June 21, 2014: Big news! After reading, and being inspired by, Fixing My Gaze, I started some weekly vision therapy sessions to see if I could also gain binocular vision... after 12 weeks I had my first instance of 3d-ness! For a few seconds I was able to "fuse" the circles on a variable tranaglyph and see the 2 circles in glorious 3d.

June 7, 2014: Sorry for the extreme lack of updates! I was trying to motivate myself to finish up my Antarctica write-up by not posting anything until that was done. Looks like that backfired! :P
Anyhow, I've since done a very quick ending to that write-up (still want to edit/publish my polar plunge video though), and am now back to updating! Hooray!
Needless to say, much has happened since February 1st, but I'll just mention a few things that spring to mind:
  • achieved my New Years resolution: climbed 5.12a and V6! Feeling strong!
  • Sha Sha had a baby shower with the best cake ever
  • went to Portland for a week
I, and hopefully you, look forward to updates once again!

February 1, 2014: Happy (belated) Chinese New Year!
Also -- we made it!! We've gone (and come back) from Antarctica! Crossed the Antarctic Circle and everything. So many penguins, seals, and whales. Also saw The Most Amazing Sunset Ever. Seriously. I'm still working on my write up, but you can peruse our "best of" photos while I finish that. If there's not enough penguin photos in there for you, let me know -- we have a few thousand more!
Since getting back (and getting my bag delivered (yes, they always lose my luggage)) we've both been sick (penguin-flu?), so spent the last few days at home in bed drinking soup and not doing much at all. Need to get better so I can go back to work on Monday.

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