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February 1, 2014: Happy (belated) Chinese New Year!
Also -- we made it!! We've gone (and come back) from Antarctica! Crossed the Antarctic Circle and everything. So many penguins, seals, and whales. Also saw The Most Amazing Sunset Ever. Seriously. I'm still working on my write up, but you can peruse our "best of" photos while I finish that. If there's not enough penguin photos in there for you, let me know -- we have a few thousand more!
Since getting back (and getting my bag delivered (yes, they always lose my luggage)) we've both been sick (penguin-flu?), so spent the last few days at home in bed drinking soup and not doing much at all. Need to get better so I can go back to work on Monday.

January 1, 2014: Happy New Year!!
Back safe and sound from Kauai. It was a blast! We did lots of stuff: stand-up paddleboarding (I suck), surfing (I'm ok), hiking the Na Pali Coast (went further than last time), relaxing, eating, touring the Kauai Coffee plantation, hiking Waimea Canyon, shopping (got a sweet koa wood ring), and playing with Char's 2.5-year-old niece.
Got home from Hawaii around 11pm on December 31, so the prelude to NYE was unpacking, then watching the countdown on TV. We're crazy like that!
Today was good and relaxing though. Slept in, found a free DIY calendar letterpress workshop, ate waffles at our favourite waffle place, bought/read some comics, hiked around Joaquin Miller Park (our first time there -- nice park with lots of trails), ate sushi, watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi movie, and updated our Around The World blog (close to being done now). A great start to the new year!

December 22, 2013: I suck at updating! But if it's any condolence, I've been *thinking* about updating a lot. :P
Been on a couple trips since my last update:
  • Kentucky -- to go climbing w/ Ryan et al. Good times as per usual! Cold though...
  • Phoenix -- to visit Char's college friends. Was a lot of fun, pics are here
  • Hawaii -- (soon) we're going to be there between Christmas and New Years
Working lots too. Though we just had an internal 3-day game jam and it was awesome! Going to continue working on our game with my team.... look for it on the OUYA store sometime soon!
Other than that, we've been preparing for the holidays and hanging out with friends. Also reading a cool book right now, Maiden Voyage. It's about a young girl sailing around the world solo. Totally getting me psyched to sail around the world! :)

September 11, 2013: Had our two year wedding anniversary yesterday -- man time flies!! We exchanged presents and went out for dinner at Haven -- pretty tasty food, the apps/sides were great though our main was just ok. Interesting drinks & desserts though!
Went to a Fun concert this past weekend, which was (uhhh) fun!
The Friday before we went to the free LADEE Launch Party at the NASA Ames Research Center. They had various nerdy booths, food trucks, and a giant screen which we all watched the launch on. Nerd heaven!

September 2, 2013: Oh man, another month has already gone by with no updates... I really did _think_ about updating though... so I'm pretty sure that counts.
Had a weekend in Carmel with the in-laws which was pretty fun, followed by another Dinner for Eight with my climbing friends. Had a week back home in Toronto, which was relatively fun considering the unfortunate circumstances which brought me there (a funeral). While there I learned the new nerdy depths that my friends are getting into (that's you Laurene!)...
Nightlife @ Cal Academy, BBQ at Babs', watching the just-ok Elysium movie, skeet shooting (awesome fun, and it turns out that all my video game playing has made me a good shot), cheap video games at Nickel City arcade, too long at IKEA, farewell part for Nick, field work with Char, biking, Shakespeare in the Park, reading, and working on my personal OUYA game. Phew -- now you're all caught up!
The skeet shooting was super fun, we went with a coworker and his wife and did the Experience Package. Not only do they have the typical clays that fly through the air ("birds"), they also have ones that roll along the ground ("rabbits"). Now to find the time to go back again!

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