Some B-ball at EA Some B-ball at EA Some B-ball at EA Some B-ball at EA Some B-ball at EA
Hanging out playing some b-ball at EA!

Mini Bud
This is me as a young stud! To see some more pictures of me as an innocent child go here!

Here's some pictures from our Tofino trip! The first two are of Long Beach and the third is Vicki in the hostel we stayed at! These beaches were amazing! The pictures don't even begin to do them justice!

Here's our trip to Stanley Park! What a beautiful place!

This is my landlady, Jean-Ann, and her son Stuart.

Vicki on her birthday (Feb. 23)!! My landlady even made her a cake!

Frosh Week '99 (at the University of Waterloo). We were team Ram!
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Me and Vicki
My girlfriend Vicki and I at our residence's Village Charity Ball

Joel and I at work
My new roommate Joel and I hard at work at EA

Vicki in her room
Vicki in her room in Waterloo