Froshweek 2002 Pictures!

It's me and.. me! Thanks Simon!
Me looking fantastic
And again

The whole team (big (1.3MB), small (0.13MB))
Making the subs..
Eating the food.
Pouty Sana'a
Just going for a drive
Good ol' Katie keeps us in line..
Fun times at Dessert...
Lots of dancing!
Even selling food is fun!
Here comes the challenge
And now they're getting ready
Finally, they fight!
Man, what a bunch of thugs..
Good thing we can always relax with games..
Who doesn't have fun with Twister?
Everyone likes filling the catapult..
...except for Mike
...just a little to the left oughta do it..

Ode To The Tie is always a good time..
Especially when there's lots of pencils!
But too many can make you feel ill..

Whoa! Did you see that??
He's taped to a wall!
Now we can finally get him!