Froshweek 2001 Pictures!

Ok, so I've spent about an hour looking through thousands of pics and here's another set of pictures from Froshweek 2001!

Those are some big balls.
Ahh.. the chains of command
Cubby and Vicki
Just having a few drinks..
These two already had a few!
And we'll just skim a little off the top
The frosh have to learn somehow!
Our brave co-ordinators for 2002.
Having a good time at the first leader party!
And an even better time at the second leader party!
The Somerset flag in production
Watch out! Being a frosh leader includes manual labour!
Then there's always Mira
And don't forget this girl..
And back to Mira!
So let's move onto the n+1 legged race!
Ooh.. and here comes Pam!
Not to be left out -- Pete..
All the ties!
It's talking to you!
I knew my swing dancing would come it handy sometime..
The stonehenge sure is smaller than I thought it would be...
Look at all the Tangos that came back! I'm so proud of them all!!
Not too sure what's going on here
Some of the leaders are thugs
But only 'cause we're in the Waterloo Jungle

Sorry about the crappy index, but you know how it is.. :>

Me looking cool as ever..
Me looking weirder than usual..
Katie and I strutting our stuff!
Erin all dolled up
That crazy girl Meps
What a beatiful sight!
Oh, and another one!
Everyone gets hungry during froshweek
And this is the beautiful flag
Somerset on their way..
Somerset waving their flag
And MMT was fun for all.