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The Computer Science Side of Quantum Computation

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Classical computer scientists entering the field of quantum computing are forced to change their approach to many problems. Leaving behind the familiarity of programming languages and Turing Machines, they are presented with a confusing variety of formalisms (Dirac notation, matrices, gates, operators, etc)[6]. It has been thought that approaching quantum computation in a manner more analogous to classical computer science would not only ease the transition of the neophyte quantum computer scientist, but would assist in the movement of standard classical techniques to the quantum world.

This paper will attempt to introduce a more computer science-centric approach to quantum computation. Section 2 gives an introduction to Qauntum Turing Machines, and their relationship to classical Turing Machines. Followed by a discussion of proposed quantum programming languages in Section 3. Finally, some conclusions are made about these topics in Section 4. Examples of common quantum algorithms implemented in the discussed quantum programming languages are presented in Appendix A.

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